Becoming a Talent6 Leader: The 6 Differentiators of Talent-building Leaders

Your leaders are your most powerful builders of talent. So why aren’t you using them that way?

The CEO’s Three Questions About Talent

The CEO was visibly frustrated just a few minutes into the CHRO’s presentation.
“I’m sorry, but I’m confused” she said. “This feels like the 10th different process that HR has asked our teams to absorb just this year. Why this one now?”

Life After the Competency Model 2021

Few human resource tools promise as much and deliver as little as the typical leadership competency model. These models exist in a world of contradictions – simultaneously being specific but generic, ambitious but uninspiring, academically perfect but practically flawed.

Why ‘Meets Expectations’ Never Does:
A Conversation Guide for Managers

There’s no good way to dress up the dreaded middle rating and no way to convince anyone that being “average” is absolutely fine. If you have these conversations coming up, here are a few practical ideas to make them easier and more productive.

CHRO Trends 2021 Report

Our fourth edition of the Chief Human Resources Officer report reviews trends in the CHRO marketplace and introduces the Fortune 200’s new CHROs from 2020. The Fortune 200 welcomed 27 new Chief Human Resources Officers in 2020, a turnover of nearly 15%.

5 Reasons to Eliminate the Self-Review

As companies worldwide strive to optimize performance management, they often overlook a change that would simplify the process, build trust and increase accountability. They can eliminate the self-review.

The employee self-review continues to exist more due to benign corporate neglect than to conscious inclusion in the assessment process. Its presence can introduce bias, give cover to poor managers and create unrealistic expectations in employees.

The Power

of Goal Calibration

It’s a simple, powerful way to increase the effectiveness of goal setting at your company. Goal calibration helps to align goals within your group and helps the group’s manager to ensure all goals are set at a similar level of challenge. And, when done well, goal calibration can…

About Talent Philosophy

Marc Effron, the creator of talent philosophy, describes the purpose, structure and how to successfully implement a talent philosophy in your organization.

The CHRO’s Team:
What Matters Most

Even CHROs who have aggressively upgraded other elements of their organization have hesitated to make the often-obvious talent changes needed in their direct reports. We tell you how to ensure you shape your team for incredible results.

2021 Talent Management Compensation Report

We’re pleased to bring you our latest research with all the facts about talent management compensation in 2021. Our report includes compensation insights from 101 companies and shows the average compensation for talent management, L&D and OD/OE roles, and compensation by company revenue for many TM and L&D…