Rethinking Potential: Should We Search for Hidden Gems, Shy-Po’s and Repressed Performers?

There may be high potentials in our midst who have been passed-over in our talent review processes because they don’t meet the conventional definition of potential or because the process didn’t work as it was designed. Are there hidden gems in your organization and, if so, how can you find them?

Who Becomes an HR Leader Webinar with Dr. Ryne Sherman, Hogan Assessments

After studying the personality traits of 1,000+ HR leaders globally, the personality experts at Hogan Assessments know the secrets to who’s in HR and why. Join Hogan’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Ryne Sherman as he shares the surprising facts behind their ground-breaking research.

Building Great
Talent Managers:
The 4+2 Model

It’s a rare individual who can architect, build and execute talent strategies that actually drive business results. We describe the six factors that differentiate great talent managers and why they’re essential for success.

One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value

It’s Harvard’s best-selling book on talent that revolutionized how talent is assessed, grown and engaged. Read the book often called the “talent management bible.”