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Timely choices on HR strategy, organization design and HR talent ensure that change happens faster and finishes earlier.
HR transformation: Talent and structure choices dictate success

Our experience finds that four elements differentiate organizations that derive the greatest benefits from their HR transformation. They clearly communicate the goals of the transformation, they execute the transformation with urgency, they upgrade HR talent aggressively and they carefully plan how the HR model will operate after the transformation. We find that few organizations execute all of these steps well and most fail to successfully execute the latter two.

Successful HR and talent transformation requires thinking beyond transactional technology implementations. A holistic approach to HR transformation flows from HR strategy creation to organization design to HR talent selection and results in a comprehensive design. Designs are enabled by technology.

What we do
An integrated approach to HR transformation will include each of the work-streams described below:

  • HR Transformation Mapping: An HR Transformation Map details both the traditional project activities and the nuanced and potentially hidden impacts that can undercut the transformation. This process enables a faster, more fluid and less error-prone transformation.
  • HR Strategy: We work with your team to understand and map your business strategy to a few, prioritized HR value-driving elements. We help identify the specific tactics, barriers and enablers that will influence the success of each element. Our proprietary Rapid Cycle Design process ensures a timely and thorough outcome.  Your organization receives a business-linked, prioritized and realistic 2- to 3-year HR plan. You can learn more here.
  • HR Organization Design: Your HR organization design choices should allow you to execute your HR strategy with speed and certainty. We will partner with you to create your HR organization design down to 3 levels below the CHRO. This work can include position design, job descriptions, headcount analysis and costing, comparison to benchmark models and additional analyses.
  • HR Operating Model: The physical design of your HR organization only yields benefits when the inter-connections, decision rights, shared responsibilities and other elements of the HR operating model are made clear. We help you to determine how work will get done and will hold integration sessions for your HR team to ensure understanding.

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