Talent Management Trainings
Offer in-person and virtual

We partner with your organization to create customized in-person or virtual trainings that optimize your talent and engage your employees. Let us help upgrade your talent and HR professionals guided by our standard science-based approach!

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is the most important element to drive higher performance. Our training shows how employees can deliver bigger results through Goal Setting when they utilize the key steps to drive higher performance. Participants will practice prioritizing goals and consolidating tasks into goals. They’ll learn how to radically simplify goals and write them in the most straightforward way, making it easier to measure results.
You can learn more here.

Feedback & Coaching

Frequent, high-quality feedback and coaching increases business results by driving employees to maximize their capability. In this interactive and engaging training, participants will be equipped with the content and knowledge required both to provide and receive more frequent, high-quality feedback. You can learn more here.

Talent Review Capability Build

Talent Reviews are a critical step in the Talent Management process, as results define the future of the organization. In order to attain objectives set during this process, it is essential to upskill leaders and HR professionals. We accomplish this by providing practice materials and hands-on training to participants, making sure that your next Talent Review session runs smoothly! You can learn more here.

Hogan Team

When teams function optimally, the entire organization benefits. The Hogan team report provides a science-based understanding of a team’s strengths, weaknesses, and values. Individuals will be shown how their personalities can combine to support or hinder team effectiveness, and how to prevent derailing traits. Participants will come away with an understanding of how to work better together in order to perform at maximum capacity. You can learn more here.

OPTM 360 Debrief

Accelerate individual development by utilizing the easy-to-use OPTM360 to identify the top three areas for individual growth. This customizable training includes action-oriented debriefs equipped to level up organizational and team development.  Participants will transform results into Individual Development plans ready for action through the use of feedback, goal-setting, and coaching. You can learn more here.


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