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Create Simple,
Powerful Talent Practices

We literally wrote the book about how to design talent practices that drive superior results. One Page Talent Management, Marc Effron’s best-selling Harvard Business Review book on talent, introduced the HR world to the concept of science-based simplicity. Since that time, we’ve refined the concept and successfully applied it in hundreds of large public and private companies, NGOs and the world’s largest charitable foundations.

We apply the strongest academic science about human and organizational behavior to address challenges in setting focused goals, predicting potential, providing direct feedback and accelerating development, among other areas. Our background as HR practitioners allows us to translate that strong science into specific, practical actions that are easily applied and adopted in any organization.

What we do
We will work with you to assess the effectiveness of your current talent practice(s) based on their design, user experience and measurable results. We will use those insights, the applicable science and our extensive global experience to guide your team through a design process that will quickly create an enhanced design.

Following process design, we will partner with you to develop a detailed implementation plan, including integration into your HR technology, educating the broader HR team, communicating the practice to the general population and developing and delivering training modules to HR and line leaders.

We will identify how to hold leaders accountable for the quality of process execution and develop strategies to increase transparency about the process outcomes, where needed.

Our deep experience includes, among other practices:

  • Performance management: Review and improve the practices of goal-setting, feedback/coaching and reviews. Radically simplify tools and forms. Train leaders and HR team members in goal setting and feedback. Conduct review for potential bias in the process.
  • Talent reviews: Assess process steps at each level of the organization, review and advise about potential definition(s), performance definitions, tools, instructions and communications, presentation decks. Train HR leaders in how to facilitate optimal talent review.
  • Succession planning: Understand the approach to identify successors, assessment processes, how cross-company/department moves are enabled, transparency; provide specific recommendations for each.
  • Assessment strategies: Review all assessment tools and processes used to identify or develop talent. Understand the predictive accuracy of the tools, populations they are used on, questions they are intended to answer, transparency with leaders and other key elements. Create specific recommendations for change including assessment tools and how to apply them across key populations.
  • Development processes: Review and enhance the development philosophy and approach to development planning. Understand how tools and approach are applied across the organization today. Advise on differentiation approach, specific development planning tools, new development resources and individual profiles.

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