2+2 Coaching
Feedback has never
been as easy.
April 1, 2020

Feedback and coaching fail in many organizations because their approach doesn’t focus on the two key barriers to success. The first challenge is that leaders often won’t offer feedback or coaching unless they are prompted and, even then, don’t always focus on the most important areas. The second challenge is that the coaching and feedback processes that companies give to leaders are often heavy, overly-structured or assume that technology will change human behavior.

If you want to ensure regular, high-quality coaching conversations that focus on the few most important things, we have a great approach for you. Our original 2+2  Coaching and Feedback process is used by some of the world’s largest organizations because it makes it easy for managers to quickly deliver great feedback.

Marc Effron describes the process in the video below. The process is free for you to use and we encourage you to share this video with your peers.


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