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Re-Thinking Potential with Allan Church Webinar

How can you accurately predict potential? Hear leading practitioner and academic Allan Church and leading talent voice Marc Effron as they present and discuss what we know (and don’t) on the topic.

2019 Global Human Resources Census Webinar

Our 2019 Global HR Census finds that a curious dichotomy describes those in the HR field. HR leaders show up as highly committed and engaged. Many are willing to sacrifice to achieve their career goals. They care deeply about developing people and they possess broad and deep experience in the function.

Who Becomes an HR Leader Webinar with Dr. Ryne Sherman, Hogan Assessments

After studying the personality traits of 1,000+ HR leaders globally, the personality experts at Hogan Assessments know the secrets to who’s in HR and why. Join Hogan’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Ryne Sherman as he shares the surprising facts behind their ground-breaking research.

Talent Management Revolution Webinar

How is your organization driving business impact for Talent Management? This new report uncovers the surprisingly long journey of Talent Management to 74% near-peak adoption in 2017, reflects on the state of Talent Management today, and outlines how Talent Management is positioned to add value to the organization unlike ever before.