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Set the Stage for 2024: How to Prepare with Performance Management Webinar

Our recent 2023 Global Performance Management Report, revealed that nearly all surveyed companies have performance management in place, and yet 80% of them have re-designed it in the past four years. This indicates either a dissatisfaction with the current approach and/or striving to implement something perceived to be…

HR Operating Model Webinar

Our definition of an HR operating model is how work gets done on a day-to-day basis to achieve your HR strategy. This requires a logical structure that flows from “what we do” to “how we’re organized to do it” to “exactly who does what.” Unfortunately, we rarely find…

Our Best Talent Advice Ever Webinar

We get to help clients around the world to solve a wide variety of talent issues. But what, as one CHRO asked us last month, is the absolute best advice you have? During the webinar, Marc Effron discusses the few big levers of success that we believe have…

The Talent Strategy Webinar

It’s surprising that so many organizations – even the larger and more sophisticated ones – still lack a well-designed talent strategy. By well designed, we mean a strategy that tightly flows from the business strategy, is clear about the talent team’s three or four big promises/deliverables, spans at…

How to Crush Bias in Performance Management

Brilliant performance management doesn’t just get the basics right, it ensures that bias doesn’t undercut potentially great results! You can help crush bias by recognizing where it lurks in performance management and how to fix it.

The Success Model Webinar

Your company’s success relies on your leaders’ ability to deliver the few, differentiating capabilities that your strategy requires. A Success Model captures those capabilities in a succinct and powerful way. It’s easy to implement because managers instantly understand its brief, engaging and aspirational statements. During the webinar, you will learn the three things that make a success model the simple, powerful approach to define success for your leaders.

The Small Company and Unicorn’s Guide to Growing Great Talent

When it comes to building great talent, smaller companies often believe they have to imitate larger companies’ talent practices to be successful – complexity, bureaucracy and all. The good news is that the science-based, talent-building fundamentals we describe in One Page Talent Management work incredibly well in smaller companies too! 

The Implementation Secrets to One Page Talent Management Webinar

Marc Effron shares his insights from the Harvard Business Review Publishing best-selling book One Page Talent Management. Hear the co-author of the “talent management bible” share his observations and advice on how to implement OPTM in your organization.  Download a PDF of the OPTM Webinar.

Your 2021 Talent Plan: A Webinar Discussion with Marc Effron

Marc Effron shares three powerful areas where your organization should focus in 2021. He provides specific and practical advice about how to build your company’s capabilities, increase performance and make yourself an even more effective leader. Watch this powerful webinar with your team to plan for 2021. …

Re-Thinking Potential with Allan Church Webinar

How can you accurately predict potential? Hear leading practitioner and academic Allan Church and leading talent voice Marc Effron as they present and discuss what we know (and don’t) on the topic.