About the
Talent Strategy Group
About the Talent Strategy Group

Founded in 2010, The Talent Strategy Group advises the world’s largest and most complex for-profit, not-for-profit, government and non-governmental organizations. We support our client’s efforts to create more effective human resource organizations through engagements in HR strategy, organization design, operating models, and HR leader quality assessment. We are known globally for our deep expertise in talent management process design.

We started the Talent Management Institute at the University of North Carolina as a way to build more effective Human Resource leaders. More than 6,000 leaders have graduated from our public and private programs globally.

Our consulting, education and research are guided by our founding belief in Science + Simplicity. This simple motto captures our core belief that the practice of human resources should be guided by the strongest science available, applied in the simplest possible way.

We bring insights and approaches to the practice of human resources through our books, articles and magazine. The publication by Harvard Business Review of Marc Effron’s book One Page Talent Management helped to launch The Talent Strategy Group and revolutionize talent practice design. We have written more than 50 articles on human resource and talent topics and many are available on this site.

We conduct practical, original research to inform the field. Our State of Talent Management studies have tracked the development of the talent management profession since 2008. Our annual CHRO Report and Global HR Census continually update the state of the profession and provide insightful analysis of developing trends.