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Executive Education Courses and Custom HR Development Programs

Executive Education Courses
You’re likely familiar with our #1 executive education program, the Talent Management Institute. But you might not know that we train HR and line leaders on a multitude of critical talent and HR topics!

We’d love to help your HR and line leaders become experts at goal setting, conducting accurate talent reviews, having tough conversations, growing great talent faster, mastering the business agenda and more.

Our course offerings include:

  • Setting Great Goals: Great goals are the single most powerful driver of high performance! But, many managers set too many, too small and unaligned goals that eliminate their ability to enhance performance. Our highly experiential class gives your leaders hands-on practice in setting focused, challenging and aligned goals. We teach them how to focus on goals that matter using case studies and real-life practice. They’ll be fully equipped to set performance-driving goals after this short course.
  • Mastering Tough Conversations: Transparent conversations about performance, potential and behaviors elevate performance and ensure that every team member knows what’s required to succeed. Many managers have room to improve the transparency and clarity of these conversations. Our Mastering the Tough Conversations course provides hands-on, role play practice that takes the fear out of having clear, supportive conversations. We guide your leaders through case-studies where they’ll practice having tough conversations and get real-time feedback for improvement.
  • Creating Talent-building Leaders: Your leaders are the engine that drives talent quality, depth and engagement in your organization. This concise, high energy course provides clear insights and practical guidance to help your leaders deliver those results even more effectively. Participants will learn our Talent6 framework – taught at our Talent Management Institute – that defines the six factors that differentiate leaders who excel at attracting and keeping high performing talent. They will finish the course feeling more confident and competent in their ability to build talent quality and depth.
  • Talent-building HR Leaders: The 4+2 Model: HR leaders who can create and flawlessly execute a talent agenda differentiate themselves in six ways. These six factors form the 4+2 model that is a core framework at our world famous Talent Management Institute. We’ll teach your HR team how to excel at driving the talent management agenda, building simple and powerful talent practices, influencing challenging executives, linking business strategy to talent strategy and more. This class will raise the standard for what defines great HR and provide the tools and habits to help reach them.
  • Talent Reviews and Accelerating Development: The key to increasing talent quality and depth in your organization is your leaders’ ability to accurately assess and accelerate the development of their talent. In this dynamic, case study-driven course, participants build practical capability in accurately predicting potential and creating practical, experience- focused accelerated development plans. Those in the HR course will learn how to best facilitate talent reviews to achieve accurate talent predictions.
  • Business Savvy HR Leaders: The best HR leaders know what drives the business forward just as well as they understand why people perform. Our “Business Savvy HR leaders” course teaches you the fundamentals of finance and their implications for people practices.

Our education programs are known for their science-based, highly interactive and practical sessions taught by the field’s deepest experts. Most importantly, participants love them. We regularly hear that our programs are “the best education experience I have ever had.” Download our brochure to learn more!

Custom HR Programs
The quality and impact of HR strategies largely depends on the capabilities and mindset of your HR team. Our experience with more than 6,000 leaders at our Talent Management Institute gives us the insights needed to create a customized HR development approach for your team.

Our custom HR programs respond to your team’s specific needs, from building influencing capabilities to strategic thinking to increasing their breadth of knowledge across HR. In one recent engagement, we developed the HR capability model for a large medical device company, designed their HR development program to build those capabilities and delivered the program globally.

We will work with you to identify the capabilities that will best support HR and leader high performance. These may include traditional capabilities like talent management, differentiating behaviors like executive influence or emerging capabilities like HR analytics. We will help you identify the appropriate audience and the gaps between your desired capabilities and what currently exists.

We will design a comprehensive development approach that can include formal assessments, short or longer-term in-person or online sessions, action learning processes, on-going coaching and more. We will bring world-class faculty from within and outside of the Talent Strategy Group to deliver your custom program.

We will deliver your customized development program to audiences globally and measure the impact.


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