Talent Philosophy
This powerful process creates the foundation for
successful talent management.
What's Your Talent Philosophy?

In few companies has the senior team agreed on a clearly defined talent philosophy– their “rules of the road” for how talent should be managed to achieve the strategy.

This means that every executive is managing talent according to his or her personal talent philosophy. The damaging consequence is that this creates very different cultures and capabilities across your organization.  Some leaders may tell high potentials of their status while others may not. Some leaders may believe that poor leadership behaviors should be punished while others may choose to turn a blind eye. In short, the lack of a talent philosophy means that a company will never be able to consistently produce the type of talent and culture they require.

A talent philosophy is the foundation for every talent practice in your organization. It details your executive team’s point of view on performance, behaviors, accountability, transparency, and differentiation.  That clear point of view means that managers can easily explain the outcomes of talent processes and employees know that talent decisions are made using a consistently and equitably applied approach.

What we do
We’ve built and implemented talent philosophies for large and small clients around the world and across industries. The process typically includes interviews and a survey for the executive team, analysis of that data, preparatory work with HR and presentation to your executive team.

Next steps typically include auditing and updating HR practices to be consistent with the philosophy, communicating the philosophy and measuring its effectiveness. Our seminal article “What’s Your Talent Philosophy?” provides more detail on this concept and how it’s implemented.


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