Talent Practices Audit
Deep insights and detailed, specific recommendations for improvement
Talent Practices

The Talent Practices Audit allows you to optimize your talent management practices using the insights and detailed recommendations produced by our proprietary One Page Talent Management methodology. We assess the effectiveness, simplicity, accountability and transparency of your talent building processes and provide specific advice for a change. You receive the detailed, practical advice that only our combination of practitioner experience and consulting breadth can deliver.

What we do
We will conduct a thorough assessment of your talent practices by reviewing process designs, tools, user experience, metrics, accountability, transparency and more. We will interview HR and line leaders to gain insights into the needs at the core of the process and to understand how well the current process meets those needs.

We will use our unmatched depth of experience in talent practice design to create specific, detailed recommendations for how to modify or upgrade the practice to better achieve its objective. We will provide a detailed report that includes those recommendations along with sample tools, templates and resources. We will work with you to brief HR and line leaders about the findings and your plans for going forward.

Client actions after a talent practice audit often include creating a talent philosophy, talent process redesign and HR organization design.


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