Talent Reviews and Succession Planning
Accurately predict potential and create deep succession plans with our powerful, science-based approach
Talent Reviews and Succession Planning

Our science-based and simple process and tools will give your executives confidence that your talent review and succession planning processes will produce a deep bench of diverse leaders.

Right talent, right time, right place. It’s a simple mantra but far more difficult for most companies to make real. We apply our legendary science-based simplicity approach to build robust, effective and easy-to-use tools that build leader quality and depth.

Talent Reviews
Predictive accuracy is the ultimate objective of a talent review. You want to be correct as often as possible when you predict how far and how fast your leaders can move up. We find that predictively accurate talent reviews start with a clear Success Model and then apply the right process, tools and training to achieve outstanding results.

We will help you to design a simple and powerful process based on the science of human potential and our deep practitioner and consulting experience in designing talent reviews. We’ve seen nearly every tool used to guide the talent review discussion, so will advise you from a deep base of knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of the 9-box grid and the other available options.

Our talent review training provides real-world practice using our legendary case study taught at the Talent Management Institute to more than 5,000 leaders.

Succession Planning
We will advise you on the process and tools necessary to create accurate succession lists, help you to identify critical roles and lead development discussions that accelerate the development of potential successors.

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