The OPTM360
Accelerate your leaders' development with the only tool that tells them exactly what, and how, to improve. The OPTM360 doesn't assess – it develops.
About the OPTM360

Accelerate your leaders’ development with the only tool that tells them exactly what, and how, to improve. The OPTM360 doesn’t assess – it develops. It’s simple to take, fully customizable and gives your leaders a focused, prioritized report with specific advice about how to optimize their performance and behaviors.

The Benefits
It’s Simply More Effective: Typical 360s fail because they’re designed to assess, not develop. They create negative emotional reactions that block the desire to change. The OPTM360 accelerates individual development by making it easy to give, receive and take action on feedback.

  • Secure and reliable online platform
  • Automated workflow to deliver a consistent user experience
  • Simple survey reduces burden and elicits focused, forward-looking feedback
  • Actionable, intuitive, real-time reports
  • Admin system access and Group Reports available
  • Customizable (behaviors, workflow, branding, messaging)

The Survey
Actionable and Relevant:
The web-based survey tool elicits specific, verbatim suggestions for change from feedback providers most familiar with the participant’s performance and behaviors.

Eliminates Complexity to Engage Multiple Raters: The survey can be completed in approximately 10 minutes so it can be sent it to a broad group of feedback providers; managers, peers, direct reports and even contacts outside of your company.

Helpful Scale: The unique scale including “Do Much More,” “Do Not Change” and “Do Much Less” instantly gives direction.

Fast, Easy Process: Raters won’t feel overwhelmed or burdened as with other 360s. The brevity of the survey increases response rates, so participants will receive more helpful suggestions.

Customizable: Behaviors used in the survey are 100% customizable, to best align with your business objectives and organizational needs. Messaging, workflow and branding may also be customized.

Science-Based: The OPTM method is grounded in core behavioral and organizational science around how people give and receive feedback and what motivates people to change behavior to achieve their goals. The standard survey items cover the vast majority of behaviors that make employees more effective, drawn from the strongest academic research about what effective leaders and managers do.

The Report
Forward-looking, focused: The results focus suggestions around what is most important to change and exactly how to change behavior, in the future. Research shows that rating past behavior as good or bad is not helpful. Avoiding measurement or judgement, while encouraging constructive, forward-looking suggestions will accelerate development.

Provides clear priorities for change: The OPTM360 focuses participants on the top three behaviors that their respondents say matter most. The OPTM method eliminates unnecessary noise and distraction caused by negative ratings or random feedback inconsistent with aggregate results.

Ensures specific, practical advice: Participants will receive specific advice for changing their behaviors from the people who work most closely with them, using acronyms they can relate to and references they will respond to.

Helps quickly move leaders from feedback to action: The OPTM360 report is easy to understand and does not require interpretation from an HR leader, coach or consultant. Within minutes of receiving a report, participants will know which behaviors to focus development efforts. Participants can start improving their behaviors immediately.

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