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Create Talent-Building Leaders at our Private Talent Management Institute Workshops

Custom Talent Management Institute Workshops

TMI Custom workshops take the best of our public programs and deliver it to your leaders on-site.  It includes:

  • TMI Private for HR: Our core course for Human Resource leaders that builds both process knowledge and personal capabilities to increase your company’s ability to grow better talent faster. We offer TMI Private HR in person and online.
  • TMI Private for Leaders: We elevate your business leaders’ capabilities to assess, select, develop and engage their talent using simple, science-based, powerful tools and processes. We share the practical tools and frameworks to help leaders and organizations get more than their fair share of talent.

Both courses are designed to explore the issues that matter most to your organization and offer real-time solutions to your talent strategy and execution challenges. Delivered at the location of your choice, you get the customized learning and personal attention that creates effective learning and high applicability.


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