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CHRO Trends 2020 Report

What makes a Fortune 200 CHRO? Find out in the third edition of the CHRO Trends Report, the in-depth guide and analysis of today’s leading Chief Human Resources Officers.

2019 Global Human Resources Census

The surprising findings in our Global HR Census raise questions about the purpose of HR in today’s organizations and the typical HR leader’s mindset as they approach their job.

HR Transformation: HRBP Report

As part of an HR transformation project we led for a large global client, we reviewed their HRBP roles and structure to provide guidance on how they could maximize the effectiveness of their organization’s HRBPs. In conducting our research, we found inconsistency in how organizations are applying the HRBP role. Based on the lack of available, free information, we are releasing a brief of our research on the HRBP role.

CHRO Trends 2018

What do the CHRO changes in 2018 tell us about the challenges and opportunities of being (or becoming) a CHRO? Our CHRO Trends 2018 report tells you all the changes and what they mean for those in, or hoping to be in the top job.

CHRO Trends 2017

By Zac Upchurch, Chief Operating Officer, Talent Strategy Group What makes a Fortune 200 CHRO? Find out in the first edition of Talent Strategy Group’s CHRO Report, the in-depth guide, and analysis of today’s most powerful HR leaders. We have the trends facing heads of Talent and HR…

The Talent Management Revolution

By Zac Upchurch & Marc Effron In our new research report, we release the surprisingly long journey of Talent Management, reflect on the state of Talent Management today, and outline how Talent Management is positioned to add value to the organization unlike ever before. We characterize this journey…