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The World of Performance Has Changed as of April 1, 2022

The dedicated scientists at Talent Strategy Group Laboratories, AG, had nearly given up after years of tireless effort with absolutely no results. Then, using right-brain thinking and a growth mindset, they made a discovery that will change performance forever.

Watch and be amazed.

The Power

of Goal Calibration

It’s a simple, powerful way to increase the effectiveness of goal setting at your company. Goal calibration helps to align goals within your group and helps the group’s manager to ensure all goals are set at a similar level of challenge. And, when done well, goal calibration can…

About Talent Philosophy

Marc Effron, the creator of talent philosophy, describes the purpose, structure and how to successfully implement a talent philosophy in your organization.

Be Transparent Now Video

Why aren’t companies transparent with their employees about their performance and potential? I tell you the excuses we hear and the way to overcome those.

The Small Company and Unicorn’s Guide to Growing Great Talent

When it comes to building great talent, smaller companies often believe they have to imitate larger companies’ talent practices to be successful – complexity, bureaucracy and all. The good news is that the science-based, talent-building fundamentals we describe in One Page Talent Management work incredibly well in smaller companies too! 

The High Performer’s Mindset – 8 Steps to High Performance

The High Performer’s Mindset is the essential starting point to be a high performer. Marc Effron describes this in 8 Steps to High Performance and shares it in the speech below. 8 Steps to High Performance is the Harvard Business Review Publishing best-selling book on the scientifically proven…

8 Steps to High Performance – An Introduction

In 8 Steps to High Performance, talent expert and bestselling author Marc Effron cuts through the noise with his signature “science-based simplicity” approach to identify what matters most and shows you how to optimally apply your time and effort to boost your performance.

2+2 Feedback & Coaching

2+2 Coaching builds better talent faster through it’s radically simple, science-based approach.