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The CHRO’s Talent Plan
for the Recovery

It’s understandable that HR’s recent focus has been on employee safety and security. The function has responded admirably to unprecedented demands and unforeseen challenges. As we see the global situation starting to turn, it’s important to refocus our efforts on helping our companies to win through talent.

Does Growth Mindset Work?

If you believe that having a growth mindset means that if you try harder you can accomplish more, you don’t need to read this article. We agree and the science in areas from self-efficacy to goal setting to motivation supports that exerting more effort often leads to better results. However, if you believe that growth mindset means that different outcomes in life will occur if someone has a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset, or that it’s possible to increase one’s intelligence or change one’s personality, please keep reading.

Three Reasons HR Transformations Fail (and how to make sure yours doesn’t)

Our experience shows that it’s not the usual suspects – troublesome technology implementations, challenging budgets, etc. – that undermine the success of HR transformations. The real culprits are both softer and far more controllable.

The Secret to Setting Great Goals
Fewer. Bigger. Stronger.

While the popular dialogue is focused on ratings, ranking and reviews, the power in performance management comes from great goal setting. Invest your time productively by building your organization’s capability to set fewer, bigger and more powerful goals.

What’s your Talent Philosophy?

It’s the missing foundation of talent management in most companies. Does your executive team agree about the best way to manage talent to achieve your business strategy? How do you know?

Creating a Talent Production Line

Companies can manufacture talent in the same way that they manufacture any other product – using a structured and disciplined production line.

Six Steps to Great Talent Reviews

Our experience conducting hundreds of talent reviews and building the process for complex global companies shows us that six factors create a successful talent review. We believe that it’s less about the tool and more about the process.

It’s the Mortar, not the Bricks: The State of HR Organization Design & How to Bring Your HR Structure to Life

The secrets behind HR success lie beneath the organization design. How you bring that structure to life, through the people within it, will differentiate your success far more than the design ever can.

Rethinking Potential: Should We Search for Hidden Gems, Shy-Po’s and Repressed Performers?

There may be high potentials in our midst who have been passed-over in our talent review processes because they don’t meet the conventional definition of potential or because the process didn’t work as it was designed. Are there hidden gems in your organization and, if so, how can you find them?

Why HR Will Love AI
(Until Leaders Hate It)

The growing momentum of AI, machine learning and data analytics offers HR the opportunity to make smarter, faster people decisions. But, has HR considered the true implications of an AI-enabled world and how managers will react to it?