Our Science+Simplicty approach produces robust, practical talent practices that create superior results
Talent management

process design

Create talent practices for your company using the Science + Simplicity approach proven in the world’s leading organizations

What we do

We work with you to assess the effectiveness of your current practice(s) based on their design, user experience and measurable results. We use those insights, the applicable science and our extensive global experience to guide your team through a design process that quickly creates a superior design.

Following process design, we partner with you to develop a detailed implementation plan, including integration into your HR technology, educating the broader HR team, communicating the practice to the general population and developing and delivering training modules to HR and line leaders.


Our design approach produces science-proven, easy-to-use and robust talent practices that deliver more of the results you want, more quickly.

We create talent practices that managers value and will apply in their organizations. We design to the “skeptical manager” standard – creating approaches that even the toughest managers embrace and use.

We identify how to hold leaders accountable for the quality of process execution and develop strategies to increase transparency about the process outcomes, where needed.



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